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Never Shut Them Up

An advice is an opinion recommended or offered, as worthy to be followed; counsel. It can also be an information or notice given by a person.
A parent who feels he/she cannot receive advises or be advised by his or her child only tells the world how empty and un-impacted that child is. Only a child who has been well trained and impacted by his/her parents can replicate such or exhibit such character. Don’t forget “GARBAGE IN, GARBAGE OUT”. What we give to them, they are expected to one day give back to us. {Not meaning that any child should disrespect his/her Parent, but, politely tender your piece of advice}.

They will always be days of confusion and setbacks, challenges that could throw our parents off-balance, but a piece of good advice from a child, carefully adhered to can be the antidote or the cure to a family’s pending menace.
Therefore, when we advise a child, when we instruct them, let’s never see theirs as an insult or a disrespectful act. Rather, let’s help them know how to advise without hurting people with their words.
I also advise my parents, not because I know more than them, but because I was properly trained by them in order to salvage, save, advise and be a deliverer to the family also. I only give to them what they put in me when they need it most.

Written By: Omai, Oluchi Sylvanus

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  1. Hmm... I think every parent is a builder, and every child a building... We are only the results of our parents handwork whether good or bad