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When you look back, you always see reasons to stay back… always look forward and you will see the reasons to go ahead… because the real essence of life lies in the future.
Omai, Oluchi S.        

      Never expect those you gave your shoulder to lean on to give you theirs when you need one to lean on too, because it might not be available for you.                         
                                                           Omai, Oluchi S.
       A man who steps on a serpent simply because he is wearing an iron boot… must never remove it simply because he wants to clean his foot.
                     – Omai, Oluchi S.     

   Yesterday is a workshop or a factory where tomorrow is fashioned or produced… no 
   finished goods is allowed to stay in the workshop because there it becomes useless and irrelevant, it must get to the hands of the consumers… likewise no man becomes profitable when he lives in his yesterday, he must face the future. There he becomes useful and his true strength and purpose is harnessed. 
Omai, Oluchi S. 


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