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EAT FIRST - When you do not understand instructions... You will never get the right answer.

        I went to a restaurant and noticed that there is Wi-Fi service there. I asked a waiter for the password and he said, "eat first". I ordered a meal and when i was done eating, i asked the waiter for the password again and he replied, "eat first". I was getting angry. I ordered some more food and after eating, i asked a different waiter for the password and he replied, "eat first". This time, i was very angry, so i stomped to the manager's desk and asked him for the password and he said, "eat first". I was about to explode before i read what was written high above the wall, "Wi-Fi password: Eat first".
         Some of us have neglected what God is telling us simply because we are too eager to get from him, angry angry and lack understanding of his voice or busy to listen. We want answers from him, yet we are not ready to search the scriptures where in lies his promises.
          I pray that God will grant whoever reading this post the grace to hear His voice and listen to it In Jesus Name... Amen!
Written By: Francis  Edet.

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