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We came talking to none, always quiet, but they called us pretenders. When we began talking to people and having no dull moments, the same people called us talkative.

We came choosing people we could flow along with peacefully, they said we were proud and building the class we do not even have. When we shunned that and played along with every dick, tom and harry, the same people said we had no standard and regards for class and age difference.

We came having no time for our studies, they called us fools.
When we became studious and serious with our studies, the same people said we were too full of ourselves thinking we know it all.

We came as leaders, allowed ourselves to be pushed around by everybody’s suggestion; they said we were too weak.  But, when we decided to rule over matters, take decisions and scold people who do wrong, the same people said we were too hard.

We came having regard for the opposite sex, minding where and how we touch the opposite sex. They said we were holier than thou, pretenders who always do the worst. But when we became free in our minds, embracing and playing with the opposite sex. These same people called us womanizers and prostitutes

I could go on and name more of them.
Then indecision sets in, we became confused; whom do we please? God, our fellow human or ourselves.  But I have learnt from scriptures that; “…the whole duty of man is to fear God and keep his commands…” Eccl. 12:13

Therefore, I posit that if we must excel or succeed in life, we must;
(1) Close our ears to man and open it to God.
(2) Live your life to please God and not any man. And after you please God,
(3) Take responsibilities for your actions,
(4) Be sure you are happy.
N/B: Don’t let any man steal your joy, never live your life to please any man, for they are the same people who will never be satisfied with your actions.
God bless you.

Written By: Omai, Oluchi S.

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