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"GREATNESS is like a mighty tree... It does not just happen, it grows... Therefore nurture your small beginning (the seed) because it has the potential to be GREAT..."
By Oluchi omai
"No great and gallant man was born gallant and great, they all had FEAR and FAITH, WEAKNESSES and STRENGTH... But, they are men who could differentiate their FEAR from their FAITH, their WEAKNESSES from their STRENGTH. Men who refused to be inferior because of their FEAR and WEAKNESSES... Rather, bringing their FEAR and WEAKNESSES under subjection, they build their FAITH and develop their STRENGTH till it becomes a strong tower and a refuge for others"
By Oluchi Omai #everythinggreatstartedsmall

"Achieving GREATNESS is TEAMWORK... You have your role to play. God blesses you with the seed (TALENTS) and Protects it..., while you have to PLANT the SEED, WATER and Nuture it... That is when the GREATNESS comes... There is no magic about GREATNESS, you just have to play your ROLE."
By Oluchi omai

"Live might seem difficult, brutal and frustrating at times, but it is never a reasonable reason to give up in life..."
By Oluchi Omai

You might not be were they are today but you have a destination.
You might not have what they think they have but certainly you are gifted and not empty.
You might not be as successful as they think they are, but certainly you are making progress and not stagnant.
They are making waves in their own area of specialization, believe me your little corner will soon have a feel of your waves, that is if it haven't started feeling it already.
If they are at the height of life, you are certainly not at the base of it because you are constantly in motion towards greater heights.
I admire your speed, but do not expect me to speed up like you... I might pass my destination if I do...
 Refuse to be like anyone, get motivated, get challenged, but understand your strength and weaknesses...
Never be frustrated by your weaknesses rather make your weaknesses a spring board, and your strength a fortified city...  Believe in yourself because there is BEAUTY IN UNIQUENESS.
By Oluchi Omai

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