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I took a stroll, bumped into her, knocking her books and bag off her hands. I was too busy to stop and apologise to her but only waved as I walked past not looking back to notice who she was... Then, hastily I arrived the shopping mall sweating profusely and panting. 
Haven't you seen her? The receptionist asked. The lady in pink dress, with a rudy chick.  She identified you through your passport, and opted to ensure your wallet and documents get to you. You actually forgot them some hours ago, without an address or phone  contact with which to reach you. Immediately, I remembered a pink dressed lady whose facial looks I could barely remember because I cared less about what she looked like, or Let alone the courtesy to apologise after I mistakenly knocked her properties off her hands... It was few minutes to my seminar presentation and all I needed was my document contained in a transparent envelope and my wallet, which held some naira notes. I had covered about three miles from where I had contact with her on my way to the shopping mall and had five minutes before the seminar presentation. Uncontrollable warm tears rolled down my chicks,  for I had laboured five nights to prepare for today. But, here I am confused and messed up. I should have at least stopped to say "I am sorry", irrespective of how late I thought I was. I would not have been in this mess. How do I know who she is? I didn't even at least look at her face.
Then I discovered the need to pay attention to DETAILS no matter how minute it seems. While I sat soaked in dissappointment and in my tears, I beheld a hand reach out a transparent envelope to me as I stare at her with blurry vision.  Hope was revived and smiles restored, holding my transparent envelope was a pink dressed👗lady with a rudy 😁 chick. I took a deep breath of relief as I gently mottered "I AM SORRY". "You are already late I suppose" she retorted and added, I only tried to save you from the delay. "You can go for your presentation now" she added. Although I had only three minutes left, courtesy demanded that I look at and save her beautiful face in the picture gallary of my brain. Couldn't tell what next. where my lips under some sort of influence or did my fingers get out of control? I only realised I was saving her contact in my phone.... Don't ask what I needed it for. Then I ran off for the presentation. 
Some delays could be avoided if only we paid attention to DETAILS and CONSIDERED the well-being of others amidst our challenges. 
No matter the challenges, the rush or the trouble, ALWAYS SMILE AND SAY I AM SORRY when events demands it. Nothing rushed for can quantify a single act of care.


Written By: Oluchi Sylvanus Omai

©Oluchi Omai - 08064730739
No part of this document is to be used without prior written permission of the copywriter owner.

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