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The Mount Zion Faith Ministry Started Officially When My Wife Said Yes To My Proposal – Mike Bamiloye


Evangelist Mike Bamiloye, a popular Drama Evangelist and founder of the Mount Zion Ministry have mentioned that having his wife as part of the ministry has made ministry work very easy and without stress, the lord makes me understand that marrying the right person will make the work easier for me. According to him, the Mount Zion faith ministry started officially when my wife said yes to my proposal.


This was made known during an interview with Mrs. Temitope Duker on her popular radio show Serenade with the BossLady on Fad93.1fm Calabar.


Evangelist Bamiloye further mentioned that the problem in ministry is not between him and his wife b. noting that every relationship usually have common challenges which include financial challenges, also adding that sometimes he might see things she didn’t see or she sees things he didn’t see. “It has not been a challenge but a propelling force. We have been working together in the ministry before I proposed to her. But, we have both gone through the ministry challenge together” He added.


Your kids are part of the ministry did you tailor them or they chose it? Temitope asked.

Bamiloye responded that their kids grew up into the ministry, “we traveled round with them for ministration, and we also encouraged them to improve their passion”. He said. Also, he noted that his second son in JSS 3 wrote the movie “Youthful Lost” which was shot and produced for him, he continued until he found footings in it, likewise his senior brother love songs and was encouraged by buying him a keyboard and his music was also used for Mount Zion movies.

On the other hand, Bamiloye stated that it has never crossed his mind to venture into anything else other than acting dramas. Stating that he belief acting is what he was created for. He added that it is only in the area of one’s calling that one can be relevant to the world.

Do you have movies online?

“Actually for the past five or six year we have been moving our movies online” He responded. All are online even those that aren’t on CD’s. We also premier our movies on YouTube for all to watch.”

“On some few occasions my wife and I have acted as husband and wife like in the movie hunted shadows, in a scene where I needed to slap her, I found it difficult to do so, I actually did but apologized afterwards”, He said. He further mentioned that roles are given to characters it fits meaning that his wife only plays such roles if it fits her.

In a bit to answer questions pertaining to how good he plays his roles, he stated that he has never visited a native doctor before, stating that those things came by inspirations. “I take a long time to pray whenever I want to write a script, also I studied Yoruba and English education. I watch Yoruba movies also” he said. For the aspect of incantations, he has stated that those things were never incantation at all, they are just word clips.

Films actually have spiritual meaning, and some persons are scared of acting some roles. Have you ever been attacked?

In the Christian drama and film production, it is a ministry, every ministry is against the devil and attracts attack. Drama is like putting yourself at the forefront to attack the devil, and it is not a joke that is why you must stand for Christ and allow Christ also stand for you, you must not be of double stands. The rule is that if you stand for Christ well, you will not be playing with sin and fighting the devil.


It is just the Lords help, he called me into it. I haven’t really done different, they are others operating. it’s just that I am prominent, but the same rule apply which is standing with God.

He also mentioned that they also collaborate with others especially ministers is=n other countries like USA, India, Canada etc. and that some of Mount Zion films have been translated into other languages. “It is the missionaries who do it themselves” he added.

What’s the interest for you in the ministry? Are you looking at the Commercial angle or just passing the

There is no commercial angle to the ministry, like I said all our movies are online people download freely. Before we used to sell the movies, now we have more than four or five new movies on line that are not on CD.

Meanwhile, Bamiloye also revealed that donations and gifts help us fund the ministry, God has been using people to give to the ministry. If it is a ministry that is heavenly oriented you just have to trust God for provision. God touches the heart of people and they give to support the ministry.

He also noted that there is no room for retirement from the drama ministry, according to him “We don’t retire in drama ministry because there are roles for old people, even in acting generally, you can write or do other things. By God’s grace I am not retiring soon because more visions are still coming. Although, our children are doing well too.”

As a means of raising others, Evangelist Mike Bamiloye have stated that they have online drama schools and more than 36 countries participate in the class. And encouraged interested persons to visit his Facebook page and there they will find all the details.

What is the role of All Nigerian Conference of Evangelical Drama Ministers (ANCEDRAM)?

According to Mike Bamiloye, ANCEDRAM was established on December 6th, 1996. The essence was to bring together drama ministers so that we can network, so that we can know and develop each other. We have branches in all the states. Members of ANCEDRAM have also gone outside the country and also established association of drama ministers outside the country.

Regarding those who let to begin the ministry elsewhere, Mike Bamiloye have stated that a successful ministry must be able to reproduce itself, he also said he is happy with all those who have been able to leave and start up a gospel drama ministry.

Source: Fadfm 


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