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Cross River State Govt Calls for Caution against COVID-19 Second Wave

It is better to stay alive and enjoy the Xmas by Protecting yourself against COVID-19.....Dr Betta Edu.

It’s the holiday season, traditionally a time of joy, celebration, travel, and gatherings with friends, family, and colleagues. But this December, coronavirus numbers are spiking worldwide, requiring travellers, tourist and  employers to follow state and national guidelines and protect their individual workforces and population by determining how to handle pre- and post-travel intermingling.

Also while public health restrictions continue to ease around the world, concern remains about the potential for a second ‘wave’ or peak of COVID-19 infections in Nigeria and Cross River State.

The Cross River State COVID-19 Response and Taskforce team is urging this category of people to complete a daily health-check screening form and to quarantine at home for seven days if they take any form of mass transit. If you are expose to this set of people, the Response team is asking you to stay at home for seven days, said Dr Edu, Covid-19 Response Chairman and Commissioner for Health Cross River State.

As different territories continue to adapt and adjust their plans as they try to enable society to return to new normality. However the Cross River State Ministry of Health has come out with additional measures to prevent ‘localised’ lockdowns in certain locations to prevent the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic amidst the Christmas festive period.

Dr Edu disclosed that  it is very  important for everyone to continue staying vigilant and adhere to up to date public health advice in your community. However it remains true that our best defence against infection is our behaviour as individuals by using face mask, washing our hands always and using hand sanitizers while on transit or recreational parks or public places.

"It is very necessary to raised this alarm after the country recorded hundreds of new cases in recent weeks and has already eased protocols meant to limit transmission.

The Health Commissioner said the country recorded over 600 new cases of the COVID-19 disease in one day across the country.

She said the Government and health officials are worried and need citizens to be proactive.

“There is no doubt that we are witnessing a case of new infections. We are heading for a second wave; without doubt, we are also witnessing higher cases from NYSC camps and other institutions across the different States,” said Dr Edu.

"Irrespective of whether there’s a global second wave or a local re-emergence of COVID-19 where you live, doing all you can to avoid personal infection remains essential. Just because restrictions are easing does not mean you should let your guard down.

She noted that people have lowered their guard, and it's unfortunate. According to her people seem to be lowering their guard because they do not know who got sick. People will say they don’t know anyone who is infected, but for the few people who had someone, a family relation or a colleague, they are taking precautions,” She said.

"Ultimately the more of us that continue to follow these guidelines, the lower the overall case numbers and infection rate will be, helping the global community get back to some form of normality as quickly as possible. Stay safe all and don’t forget to keep using your face mask and washing your hands! She said.


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