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Back to Bethel: All You Need Is In The Presence Of God - Rev. Joseph Ajor (Ph.D)


Rev.  Joseph Akor (Ph.D), Senior Pastor Assemblies of God,  Covenant Centre. 

Jacob after taking away the birthright of his brother Esau, ran away from home towards Haran. He decided to pass the night at a certain place in the bush, he made pillow of a stone but as he slept he had an encounter with divinity. God in his dream promised to give to him and seeds after him the land on which he lay. Although Jacob was scared of the future, yet he was encouraged by the encounter with God which turned around his entire life. At home was angry Esau and ahead of him a future he could not see, but God showed up and gave him direction and hope.

Text: Genesis 28:10-21, 31:13 and 35:1

Jacob after his dream recognized that he was lying on a dreadful place, according to him in Genesis 28:17 “it is none other but the house of God, and this is the gate of Heaven”

After that incident, Jacob told God that if He (God) would keep him in the way that he is going and provide all that he needed (Food, water, clothe etc) then the Lord will be his God.

God saw Jacob through, during the Good and the bad times. After a while God reminded him of their encounter and asked him to go back and to bethel and build him an altar.  God reminded him of his promises and he looking back saw that indeed God was with him.

Are you struggling as a child of God? Just maintain a positive stand with God and he will see you through.

In challenging time, when Jacob never knew what to do and where to go, in Genesis 35:1 God told him to go back to Bethel for safety, in order to be free from everyone he had issues with. So many persons tend to forget the presence of God when they are faced with life challenges, they run to everywhere for help but will never remember the presence of God.

The house of God is the house of security, healing and abundance. May God keep us glued to Bethel (His Presence) as we run this race in Jesus name - Amen. 


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