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Back To Bethel: Choosing Your Destiny - Rev John Tawo

The theme “back to Bethel” talks about how Jacob named a place for God as “Bethel”. Going back to bethel is a “destiny choice”. If you decide to go back to God, it is a choice, and as we know, the choices we make affects our lives, positively or negatively. In every step of our life, choice is necessary, on a daily basis, we choose our clothes, the food  we want to eat, places we want to be, even our career choices etc. nobody can make a choice for you, but the greatest choice to make is to follow Jesus.

Text; psalm 1 vs 1-6, 18 vs 28

Even after Christ has given his life for the world, we still have the right to make a choice. Heaven Itself is still a choice. Even with the children of Israel, they still had to make a choice to cross to the promise land. 

Nobody   can make a choice for you not even your parents. In 2samuel 7 when you make a choice to serve God he will give you rest just like it was said in the passage above. When you gain grounds in God, you can boldly say in any situation “I have come a long way”, and depend on God to work for you. Before making any choice, ask yourself what you will lose or gain, after choosing your destiny. When you lose your focus from God, you become like the chaff the bible describes in psalm 1 vs 1-6, and the devil can blow you off easily. When you lose your identity, and become like the others you become empty. When you stick to God you will get your fruits in due season, because God’s word will definitely come to pass. 


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