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Flag-off of the Extended Special Public Works Programme (774,000 jobs) at the state level in Calabar, Cross River State; Prof. Ivara Esu Addresses Selected Workers


As Cross River State flags off the Extended Special Public Work Programme on Tuesday 12th January, 2021, the deputy governor Professor Ivara Esu has admonished selected workers from across the 18 local governments to be diligent and committed to their work. This he said in his remark during the flag off event.

Professor Ivara Esu began by thanking the President of the federal Republic of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari for thinking this way about his people, he also stated that one of the challenges in the nation is that of insecurity and that it is occasioned by joblessness. He applauded the president for the provision of 774,000 jobs welfare suit which he said would really help especially because he is going through every local government and taking out one thousand jobless youths and also providing something for them.

“I sincerely hope that those who have been selected will sincerely apply themselves so well in whatever they are called to do no matter how menial so that notice will be taken of them.” 


“I wish the president will begin to think of making this permanent and not for three months. Because after three months what will become of the youths. It is like making someone taste something and withdrawing it before he starts enjoying it.”

He further pleaded with those who have been selected to work very hard; “I expect to see that during this period which is the dry season that all our drainages will be dredged so that when the rain comes there will be no flood, I expect to see that in the next one month if you come into Calabar metropolis you will rarely find pieces of paper or anything dirty on the floor. That is how I will know that the extended public work program in Cross River State is working” He added.

Professor Ivara Esu also encourage the people in charge of the one thousand workers in each local government to ensure that the workers will be so effective that the difference will be clear when working through the local governments. He also emphasized that he will be looking out for the local governments which will effectively use their public work program to keep their environment clean.


The deputy Governor also applauded Senator Ben Ayade, the Executive Governor of Cross River State stating that Cross River State is blessed with as a man of vision irrespective of the fact that most people are yet to embrace the truth. This is because before the federal government came up with this initiative, he had already put on ground the program where each local government will have to employ one thousand youths.

He further thanked all the chairmen of the northern senatorial district because they have included all employed youths in their payroll and encouraged others to submit their list as soon as possible.

According to the deputy governor, Cross River State is emphasizing three main areas; agricultural services, homeland securities and border control and one thousand youths will be deployed from each local government to those areas. This the governor has made provision for this despite the lean financial strength of the state.

He also encouraged the local government chairmen not just to sit in their office but to deploy supervisors and ensure that the workers are carrying out their duties effectively.  

Also speaking during the flag off, the Obong of Calabar, encouraged workers to channel their efforts effectively towards their work so that the purpose of the program will be achieved.

Due to the covid-19 protocol, only few participant where available for the flag off out of the 18,000 participant selected from the 18 local government areas.

The keynote address was taken by the representative of the honorable minister of state for power, Sir Morris Ibok.



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