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I Can’t Stay Here Any Longer - Rev. Mfon Effiong

Most times in life, we are stocked in a particular place for so long due to situations or things surrounding us. At some points, we get fed up of the position and look unto Jesus for help so that we can move out of that uncomfortable position. God is the only one capable of moving us from where we are now to a better place. All we need to do is ask him.
Text: Mark 10:46-52 
In the above passage, Jesus finished his teaching in Jericho and on his way out of Jericho he met Blind Bartimaeus the son of Timaeus who sat by the road begging. The status of the young man was negative. Blindness is a symbol of sickness, the son of Timaeus has to do with generational carry over, problems from the house, Timaeus means the son of the Blind man which means the grandfather of Bar-Timaeus was blind. We are all connected to our grandfathers that is why names are preferably started from the surname. Who brought such analysis? Whatever happened to your grandfather that is trying to happen to you is frustrated in Jesus name.
The three patriarchs had generational carryover, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob also lied, the children of Jacob also lied to him the sold Joseph and lied to him that and animal ate him up.

Their wives also lied, Sarah Lied when she denied laughing at the prophecy of the angels, Rebecca aided Jacob to lie to Isaac, and Rachael lied when he stole his father’s gods. 
All this wives were also barren, Sarah was barren for 90 years, Rebecca was also barren for 20 years, and the real wife of Jacob Rachel was also barren. May your background never put your back on the ground?
The three Patriarchs, their first sons never carried the blessing of the father, Ishmael was the first son of Abraham but the blessing was given to Isaac, when Isaac was old and about to die he called his son Esau to prepare him food so that he can bless him. While Esau was far away in bush hunting his brother overtook him and presented food to his father Isaac. Despite the difference in voice, the father was convinced to bless him after he touched him. I pray for somebody, you are taking back your place in Jesus name. Esau arrived late after Jacob had left with the blessing. I pray for someone, may you never arrive late in Jesus Name.
Esau persistently demanded for blessing from his father, he got the blessing but it was tied to him fighting and breaking the yoke on his neck.
Jacob also when releasing his final blessing on his children, desired to bless his first son, while he was do so he recalled his misbehavior and rather he received a curse, the blessing rather went to Joseph and his children. Even at that while Joseph brought his children placing them before Jacob, Jacob crossed his hands putting the right hand on the younger (Ephraim) and the left hand on Manasseh the Eldest, Joseph tried to stop him but he insisted. Which house are you from? What family are you from? What are those things that always happened and you are keeping quiet? That yoke is broken today in Jesus Name…

Standing at the highway side symbolizes rejection and begging symbolizes poverty. When blind Bar-Timaeus heard that Jesus was passing, he began to shout for Jesus to have mercy on him, although the disciples of Jesus tried to stop him, he refused to keep quiet until Jesus sent for him to be brought to him. The same people who laughed at you will come to celebrate with you in Jesus name.

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