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The Suicide Deal: Before She Kills Herself (Episode 1)

She loves her grand mother to a fault. she would do anything for her. She sends 40% of her monthly income to her grandma just to ensure she is comfortable in life. 

All these Debby kept doing because her grandma raised her after the death of her parents. irrespective of the fact that she can take care of herself and grand ma, and has been a hard Working lady, Debby keeps getting sacked from work at the verge of her promotion and unfortunately for her, she is not married at 40.

She cannot tell why she keeps turning down every suitor that comes her way, sleepless nights and suicidal thoughts encapsulates her every night, but she gets consoled by grandma's kind words and prayers. 

Grand ma soon took ill and at the verge of dying, but an untold secret logged in her heart. She couldn't die with such and untold secret. "I killed your parents" she muttered to Debby as she lay on her dying bed, I made you an orphan because I saw your greatness, I couldn't afford to miss all this care you've given me Debby, So, I stopped anything that will take you far from me, including promotion and Marriage." 

While she spoke, Debby sat speechlessly on her sick bed while uncontrollable tears ran down her chicks. Her pain grew worst, but she found it difficult to belief that the same woman who raised her could also be the brain behind her misfortune. 

"I am sorry, I hurt you so badly" grand ma added before she gave up. 

Since then, nothing makes Debby happy. She is at the verge of taking her own life. She has wasted many years taking care of the one who made her an orphan and also messed up her life.  

If you where in Debby's condition what will you do? Before she takes her life, can you help save her...  

- By Oluchi Omai     

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