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The year 2021 has more dangerous plans already programed by the New World Order - Rev. Theodore Effiong

Rev. Amb. Theodore Effiong

As the church crosses over into the year 2021, the Senior Minister of the Assemblies of God Nigeria, 31 Ndidem Usang Iso Road, Calabar aka Revival Centre, Rev. Amb. Theodore Effiong has declared that no one knows what the year 2021 will look like and as such admonished that everyone should trust in the Lord according to Proverbs 3:5 and depend totally on him.

In comparison to the year 2020, the year 2021 has more dangerous plans already programed by the New World Order. But, the Good news is that Jesus is Lord.

The church must cry unto God who is the owner of life for divine intervention. When all hell rises up against a season and time, then that time is not a time to be joked with. The time and season matters. 

God's plan is that the church be given one more chance. The time is not to be misused because God is about overturn every secret thing, it's going to be a year of divine retribution. God is going to step into Nigeria like a mighty man and overthrow the works of darkness.

The man of God also mentioned that year 2021 is the 21st year in the 21st Century and added that twenty-one (21) symbolises Rulership and Dominion. 

If you go back 100 years in 1921, all "isms" came out Communism, marxism socialism were all born in 1921, Therefore 21 is the birthing of new "isms". So many could not survive that of 1921, Hitler was made the speaker of the Nazi Party and wiped out all the Jews, this is 2021 and  today, the number one problem country in the world is China. The Chinese communist party was established in 1921 and that was the year communist was released all over the earth. 

In 2Kings 24:18, 2 Chronicles 36:11, and in Jeremiah 52:1 the scripture talks about the man Zedekiah who began to reign at the age of 21. In the mouth of two or three witnesses every word is established. Therefore, rulership and reigning and dominion is the year 21. The meaning of 21 in the spiritual realm is the time of dominion and taking over. May God give you dominion and make you in charge in 2021 in Jesus Name. 

He also added that on the 21st of December 2020, witches gathered at a place called Stonehenge to project into 2021 while the church only wait for cross over night to do that. He also read out the plans of the New world Order but encouraged the church to trust in God to overthrow all wicked plans.

Rev. Theodore Effiong stressed that 2021 is a  year for righteousness to be enthroned.

In addition to the end of year service baby Splendor Ekupnse was dedicated. 

Speaking as he dedicates  baby Splendor, Rev. Theodore Effiong stated that the church is crossing over to 2021 with a dedication of Life.


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