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When I see a poor man, I don't see a demon I see a diamond - Prosper Brown

Pastor Prosper Brown

I went through processes and grew through them to be where I am today. this process bettered my mindset, gave me capacity, made me understand pain and purpose. 

This process qualified me for my ordained places. 

Those who lost have learnt and felt what those who won have not and will not feel. We all have good records just as we all have bad records too, but you will learn more in failure than you do in success.

There are those who can't go distance for others because they have never been there nor felt it, this people don't identify with process they only identify with completion, they don't identify with the joining they only identify with the destination they don't come into your life when you are in your making stage, they show up when you have been given to your world.

Most of the people who celebrate me today will testify that I did not enter their life when they were up but rather when they were down, for it is wisdom to enter the flight when it is on the ground stage because when it takes off it will be difficult to enter. so when I see a poor man I do not see a demon but a diamond.


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