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Remain In Bethel - Rev. Dr. Christian Kalu

Bethel is a place of strength, and grace. This year is a year to watch and pray, the battle of this year is tougher. Let your personal life be charged by the word of God in other to face the perilous times.

What makes this times perilous is not just covid19, not just untimely death, not just killing, but because God for-saw this time. The only thing we should pray hard for is for God to keep us in the faith till Jesus comes. Nobody should live carelessly this year. 

Text: 2 Timothy 3: 1-9

The bible portion read is a direct message from God himself telling us about the signs of the end time. God listed out a lot of thing, in the passage down. God wants his children to be watchful, and not be pretenders, living right both in secrets and in the open. These days, people go through desperate measures in other to make money, God has already made it clear to us that in the end, people shall be lovers of themselves and money.

In 2 Timothy 4:1, God made it clear that they’ll be judgment upon the world. Encourage when necessary, correct when necessary, and endeavor to do the right thing always. You may be rejected by some people because of the life you choose to live, but God will grant you grace till the very end. In the end, many will turn their ears away from the truth. Confusion is now the order of the day in the world, but when we keep our heads up, we will overcome, though it is not easy but we can overcome by the grace of God. In our Christian journey, we don’t know the way to go, we need good pilots, to direct us in order not to crash. 

As children of God we are expected to be ready at all times because we don’t know the time God will come. The greatest gift of life is life itself. Most Christians have deviated from God’s original plan, we no longer do things the way God made things to go, and everything is being altered. Hebrews 12:1 makes us understand that we have a lot of witnesses for and against. 

God visits individuals more these days than congregation. Our lives individually, should not be lived based on what people will say or do, but it should be done with the mindset that God is watching us both in the secret and in the open. 

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