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Sen. Gershom Bassey Moves A Motion On The Real And Sustainable Economic Growth


Urgent need to adopt value-addition and domestication strategies to ensure real and sustainable economic growth by Senator Gershom Bassey, Gershom Henry and five others.

Senator Ajayi Borrofice seconded.

Senate resolved to:

Mandate the Committees on National Planning and Economic Affairs and Trade and Investment to:

a. Conduct and urgent review of previous Economic plans to ascertain why these plans, policies, and legislation have fallen short of ensuring real and sustained economic growth;

b. Engage relevant industry experts to investigate the current challenges to optimum production and value addition in the relevant sectors (amended); and

c. Articulate a framework for an evidence-based and implementable roadmap to achieve value-added diversification and sustainable economic growth through future economic plans and subsequent budgetary considerations.


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