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Christ Is Coming - Rev. Joseph Ajor

Most people become heavenly conscious that they forgot their earthly responsibilities as Christians and become useless on earth.  As humans we’re the channel through which divine anointing flows, a channel through which God passes. The person you are; inadequate, lazy, hardworking, relentless, he still in need of us.

TEXT: John 14:1-3, Matt 24:36-44, Acts 1:10 

When He said in his word that He’s going to prepare a place for us, He meant that he has gone to prepare a kingdom for you and me, a kingdom that is not of this world. Everything that pertains to the earthly kingdom is temporary, money, properties, relationships but his kingdom is permanent. His kingdom is a church that consists of repented spiritual people and is not limited to religious denominations.

When we talk about the second coming of Christ there are events involved, the rapture is one of them, we’re seeing a lot of signs and happening that shows us that the rapture might be sooner than we think it is, all the conspiracies, the lies, wars, pandemics, all this and more show that the rapture is coming soon. We have to be vigilant and we have to be prepared for it, If Christ comes will you be there?


The earth is not our home, all our achievements here are meaningless and useless there are small compare to what God has in store for us as Christians, He has a lot of things that our minds cannot even imagine. Our focus should be there, we should put more effort in the heavenly race, God wants no man to suffer but if we choose suffering through our actions then he can’t change our minds.

As Christians, we should focus on heaven even as we do the work he (God) sent us to do here on earth. Let our minds not drift from our major goal which is to go to heaven eventually.

       Written and compiled by Media department, Assemblies of God 91. Nelson Mandela church.

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