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Faith: The Key To Uncommon Success - Rev. Gabriel Ikpat (JP)

Rev. Gabriel Ikpat (JP) DS Assemblies of God, Calabar South District

The entire bible is summarized in the book of Hebrews 11, this is because it talks about all the patriarchs who followed God and the emphasy is that there is no one who follow God and see shame.

Text: Hebrews 11:1 – 6

It talks about faith as all that is needed to please God, it means that without faith you have no business with God, it means your business with God is illegal. Faith is the registration with God.

All you need is faith; belief that God can take care of your situation and that what he said in his word he will do it. So many persons do not belief in God because they do not see things happen, but it is better to belief without seeing because when you do something great will happen. 


That is why the scripture say by it the elders obtained a good report. They believed in God despite all odds, Sarah a person example was barren but God never forgot her.

You might have been concluded on, disdained and mocked by people around but if you belief in God soon he will turn things around for you. He can heal you from every sickness, he can make a tenant a house owner.

Every success must have a key, in verse 6 of Hebrews chapter 11 the word diligent cannot be over emphasized. The word diligent means to be;

1.       Industrious

2.       Done with proper care and effort it also involves;

3.       Careful attention and;

4.       Responsible regard.

And God will only reward those who seek him diligently.

They are people who are not committed to the services onto God, if you want God to reward you, you must be a diligent seeker. If you are not committed to your work and life you cannot make money that is why some Christians are very poor.

If you are in school, devote yourself to your studies because God only rewards diligence. 

God also expect us to regard him responsibly. There are several things we would do as human but God expect us as his children to fear him. It is called a responsible regard and God has promised to bless everyone who don’t just regard him but regard him responsibly.  He blessed Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and other Patriarchs of faith.  

Source: AG Covenant Centre Media Unit


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