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It is a dangerous thing to live under a Yoke -Rev F. C. M. Ogbuji

Living under yoke is deadly, when you’re under a yoke, nothing good comes your way, all your struggles, sacrifices and efforts will be in vain. 

You’ll see yourself in jeopardy all the time, and everything you try to work for, won’t go your way. Breaking these yokes can be very difficult, but once you make up your mind and take a stand in Christ these yokes break easily, because everything is easier when God is on our side. 

Texts: Genesis 27:1-4, 38- 41, Isaiah 10:27, 2 Kings 4: 1

A story is told of  how a family of five doctors and four other sons died in one day. That family was under a yoke. In 2 kings, there were two accounts in the bible, one was about, a woman whose husband died, and yet owed a lot of people. The woman on this account was under a yoke of unsettled debts by her husband. 

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The second one was about a woman who had an encounter with Elisha, who opted to accommodate Elisha, she was rich, she had everything she ever wanted, connections, wealth, and every other thing she could ever ask for, except a child. Her family had a yoke of no male child. The man of God Elisha, whom she accommodated, gave a word and she conceived and bears a son. After she got the son, the yoke was still effective, after a short while the child died. The man of God whom she brought into her house, was the one God used to break the yoke in her family. 

The story of Esau and Jacob, after their father had blessed Jacob, Esau was under a yoke, and would only be free as declared by their father Isaac. But it is made clear in the word of God; yokes can be broken by the anointing. 

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