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Should your children know about your will while you are still alive? - Family Discussion


A family happens to be the smallest and most important unit in the set up of every society. He admonished and encouraged every family to have a family altar, a place where every member of the family should meet and acknowledge God together. 

Also speaking, the senior minister of the church, Rev Joseph Ajor added that certain things should be put into consideration when keeping an altar. “Certain things like time management and various spiritual exercises done during that session should be favorable. An altar must not be a particular place where you kneel, it should be a spiritual exercise done regularly, even individually. Parents should inculcate the habit of prayers in their children, this will in turn affect the lives of those children wherever they go, even when those children are far from home. Alters in various families keep families together, therefore it is necessity.” He said.  

The panel also discussed the topic “living inheritance for your children”. The term inheritance was considered to be both physical and spiritual transfer, it is also very important to transfer skills, and properties to children. Normally, it is expected of parents to train or teach their children whatever skill or trade they know in order to keep the family business on, keep children busy, and make them useful to themselves and the society at large in addition to whatever the children are doing for themselves.   

Most times, children copy bad characters from their parents, because they learn fast from what they. Parents are therefore expected not just to transfer skills to their children, but also godly and reputable characters. This they can achieve by living right and being careful and conscious of whatever they say especially around children.  Most parents have trained their children enough, that they can survive anywhere. 

Value for children must not be decided by gender, most parents in some families do not regard female children, which is very bad. Most female children especially when trained succeed and even do better than most male children. It is the parent’s responsibility especially the mother, to teach them how to cook. But, how can they teach what they do not know?

Meanwhile, children and youths where reminded of their roles to their parents which includes taking good care of their parents as much as they can. 

Is it good to tell your children about or properties while you are still alive?

 Writing of a will is vital and necessary both to ensure peace among your children when you are no more and to avoid intrusion by family members who feel that children shouldn’t have right of ownership over their inheritance. It is good to write a will early enough. You will can be updated as God keep blessing you but, as much as you can write you will. On the other hand, a will is not limited to only children born in wedlock, if you have children outside wedlock, your will is expected to include them because they are from your loins. This will curtail unnecessary struggle for properties among children when their parents are gone.   

What happens if children refuse to learn after being trained?

Just like the bible say, in proverbs 22 vs 6; “Train up a child in the way he should go, for when he is old, he will not depart from it”. 

It is necessary that parents begin early to train their children in the right way, that child no matter how difficult he or she is, will definitely learn. They might at some point deviate from what they were taught, but the foundation laid has a way of helping them back to the truth. Mothers must influence and teach their children especially the females to dress modestly and not to allow them dress shabbily in the name of fashion.

In conclusion, singles were advised not to marry because of beauty, tribe or just any physical features. Courting is not a crime, it is wrong only when the activities done are immoral. Preferably, courtship should be done within short periods, and should be done with caution.

Dating or courtship is for matured people, people who are matured physically, spiritually, mentally psychologically, financially and other wise. In marriage, basic needs should be held as priorities, basic needs like food, clothing, shelter etc, should be taken care of by the head of the family. During dating, it is important to keep yourself clean and pure and avoid immorality.

Source: Assemblies of God (Covenant Centre) 91 Nelson Mandela Road Calabar Family week.

Major Contributors include: Rev. Joseph Ajor (Ph.D), Deac. Engr. Godwin Akeke, Prof. Bassey Okon, Barr. Mrs. Odo Jonah, Deac. Ben Emele, Mrs. Amarachi Ajor, Dr. Mrs. Mercy Akeke.  Mrs. Gladys Archibong, Deac. Mark Ani, Mr. Ojong Sunday.


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