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Workers Protest Minimum Wage Law

Hundreds of workers under the aegis of the Nigeria Labour Congress on Wednesday forced their way through the gates of the National Assembly, despite attempts by security personnel to stop them.

Workers from other states joined in the protest from their respective regions.

The workers are demanding the withdrawal of a bill that would allow states to set their respective minimum wages.

Under the current law, the Federal Government sets a national minimum wage, which all State Governments are expected to comply with.

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But State Governments have argued that all states are not equal in terms of revenue generation or allocation.

And some have struggled to pay the minimum wage set by the Federal Government.

Still, the workers have insisted that the Federal Minimum wage is a fair deal and all states should be able to pay it.

Allowing States to legislate on minimum wages may also diffuse the power of labour unions to negotiate for higher minimum wages in the future.

Femi Falana: The human rights lawyer backed the workers’ stance, stressing that there was an urgent need to prevent “the payment of Starvation Wages” in Nigeria.

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Quote: “Our people are asked to tighten their belts all the time,” Mr. Falana said. “Whether there is a recession or not, for the people, they are permanently in recession in our country because of the gross mismanagement of the economy of our country. Section 16 of the Constitution provides that workers in Nigeria shall be paid a living minimum wage. And you will agree with me that ₦30,000 cannot be said to be a living minimum wage in Nigeria today.”

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