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Crafting The Golden Spoon; A Necessity For All - Oluchi Omai

Some where born with a golden spoon, others with silver spoons, some with aluminum or even plastic spoons. 

Yet some with golden spoons have died hungry, while some with silver spoon also died begging. A lot of people with aluminum or plastic spoons have died struggling or scrambling for silver spoons. Meanwhile, many who were born without spoons have crafted for themselves a spoon which have fed not just them alone, but their entire generation. 

"Beyond the possession of a spoon, discovering purpose is of essence." 

"Purpose preserves possessions."

Oluchi Omai

The difference between the poor child who became rich and the rich child who gradually becomes poor is understanding of purpose. 

No man places value on items they do not understand or even know its usefulness. 

It is so painful to hold a spoon without any food served, it is also very annoying to be served a plate of food without a spoon. It simply builds your appetite but denies you the true taste of the food. But that man deserve much pity who has food served and a spoon in his hand yet he does not understand or know that the spoon in his hand is meant to feed him by scooping the food to his mouth. And that is where understanding of purpose is needed.

Why Spoon? Your gifts, talents, whatever uniqueness you posses is like a spoon, it is meant to feed you.

No man is born empty! He might look empty, but if he understands purpose, just give him time! If he values purpose, just give him time! 

"PURPOSE is the propeller that drives a man to divine DESTINY" 

Excelling in life is not just tied to the possession of a golden spoon (wealth) which parents store up for their children yet unborn but, it's tied to understanding of how this stored up wealth can be used to amass and increase wealth. Likewise, everyman's talent or giftings is not what determines the greatness of that, but discovering, understanding and proper use of this talents and gifting will yield increase and divine success.

You might not be born with a golden or silver spoon, you might not even posses an aluminium or plastic spoon, but if you understand the unique PURPOSE of a spoon, you will one day feed your generation and the world at large.


©Oluchi Omai

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