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President Muhammadu Buhari approves the restoration of the leases on OMLs 123, 124, 126 and 137 to the NNPC group

President Muhammadu Buhari has approved the restoration of the leases on OMLs 123, 124, 126 and 137 to the NNPC group, which is in production sharing contract with Addax Petroleum, a company wholly owned by Government of the People’s Republic of China on the blocks. 

This was contained in a post on the President's official Twitter handle @MBuhari on Saturday.

Responding to this, some  Nigerians have stated that Nigeria should think of other ways of making money rather always talking about oil.

See some comment by Nigerians;

"All the time Nigeria oil,oil, oil very lazy country never think about way out another way money. Can come out for Nigeria that is why northern never allow IPOB go out of Nigeria coz they know they are lazy to think how they can't. Make money again Buhari make sure to head oil area"

"Have you not heard that over 90 people are already buried in Zamfara and more Bodies are still being found. Can't your president mourn them. Are they not human beings. The most caword leader Nigeria has ever had. Not even sure the man is still @MBuhari."

"Small price to pay compared to the loop back underhanded help they give to us abii...China always gains on the long run with any help they render ....they believe in the greater good of the mother land ...while Nigeria likes instant results so they can use it to chase clout"


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