PENTECOST: The Power Of The Holy Ghost - Rev Joseph Ajor (Ph.D)


When Jesus was here on earth, he told his disciples that it was more expedient for them that he goes back to the father than to stay. Because, the comforter which is the Holy Spirit would only come after his departure.

At his departure, he admonished them to wait in the upper room until they were endued with power from on high (the power of the Holy Spirit).


Text: Acts 2:1-15, 1 John 5:19, Ephesians 1:15 – 20, Ephesians 6:10 – 18

Power is a necessity and Jesus understanding the need for power, urged his disciples to wait for he power of the Holy Spirit. In Acts 1:8, Jesus made it clear to his disciples that they will only receive power after the Holy Spirit comes upon them.

The task of witnessing is such a great one and no one can just execute it with only head knowledge and human efforts, there was need for them to be endued with the power of the Holy Spirit.

Every true Christian can receive all that they desire from the Holy Spirit, God has summarized his power in the power of the Holy Spirt.

Through the Holy Spirit, every true Christian can access the tools of heaven and use them on earth. Prophesy, Healing of the sick, raising the dead, casting out of evil spirits etc. are all possible by the power of the Holy Spirit. Every Christian has the spirit of God inside of them.

The Holy Spirit tells us what to do. He guides us, even when we speak in tongues the Holy Spirit guides and understands every single thing we say.

The Holy Spirit is already inside of every human being. But, the only problem is that most times we as humans are not open for the Holy Spirit to show himself through us.

Except you are open and willing to allow the Holy Spirit work through you, he won’t force you to do so.

Finally, Sin is a hindrance to the operation of the Holy Spirit, and any man who desire the baptism of the Holy Spirit must present himself a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable before God.

May the Holy Spirit find expression in you and I in Jesus name.

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