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Release The Fire In You – Rev Joseph Ajor (Ph.D)


God only works through a man who is open and ready to be used by him. God raise the nation of Israel to cleanse the land of Canaan. He sent Israel to go to Canaan for that purpose.

Text: Judges 7:16 – 22, 2 Corinthians 4:7, Ephesians 1:13 - 14

It is expedient for us that we always obey God and follow his instructions like Gideon did. When ever God gives any man an instruction, he expects him to follow it vividly because it is through that obedience that he (God) works for us.

From the story in the book of Judges Chapter 7, the breaking of the pitchers and lighting of the lamps by the children of Israel in the wart front was simply adherence to God’s instructions. And the children of Israel defeated their enemies because God was with them.

The power of the Holy Spirit is one thing we (the church) cannot do without, it is the power that keeps us.

 Several things can stop an individual from releasing his or her light, it could be sin, our attitude, our way of life, doubt and many other things. The Holy Spirit can make our light shine more, he can release our light if we accept him with all our heart.

The Holy Spirit reaches the heart, touches it and changes it for the better.

The church started with the Holy Spirit. The transformational power was what we started with and this power makes huge transformation in our lives.

Every believer need the baptism of the Holy Spirit so that the light in us can be spread to everyone we meet daily.

The spirit helps in prayers, ministration, understanding of the things of God, miracles, prophecies and a lot of other things.

The Spirit of God changes our lives, it gives us spiritual energy, it also gives us that connection with God that helps us understand him and do his will.

May God baptize us all with the power of the Holy Ghost and cause the light within us to shine forth.

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