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Shocking: 13-Year-Old Girl Commits Suicide In Calabar


Miss Nsebong, a young girl of 13, allegedly committed suicide by hanging herself beside her house in Diamond Hill, Calabar, this evening. This happened after she made several visits to the scene to make sure no one was watching when she committed the act.

She had sneaked out while her guardian, an elderly woman, was occupied with something else, and she had been brought in to look after her after the elderly woman had waited for her to run a few errands. She then raised an alarm to alert people to her death, and they searched the house unsuccessfully before going outside to continue the search around the building, where they discovered her lifeless body.

The elderly woman confirmed that her children had brought her in the day before to assist her with errands and household chores. Her claim is that “I remember calling her name several times in order for her to assist me in retrieving something from the room; after a few minutes, I needed to raise an alarm about her disappearance. They discovered her body dangling behind the building at that point.” Despite the fact that there was no evidence of maltreatment or domestic abuse as a primary cause for this act, the police were asked to conduct a number of investigations to determine the root cause of the case.

Source: Hashfactblog


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