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The "If Only" Syndrome - Gift Iwara

 Most times, we spend time regretting what we would have done in our lifetime that we never did.

If only I was told earlier, if only I knew earlier, if only I got the information earlier.

Yes! you didn't get the information on time. But, now that you have, what are you doing with it?

You don't just stop at wishing. Go beyond wishing into action (doing)

Stop waiting for people to tell you what to do.

No one else can inspire you to be successful like yourself.

Push yourself now because, sometimes later might never come.

So, wake up and take responsibility for your tomorrow. Do not forget that the future belongs not just to those who belief in the beauty of their dreams, but to those who endeavor to make their dream a reality.

Your future is bright and secured if you choose and act wisely today.

Cheers to a great future.

 © Gifted

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