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Kingdom Dynamites; Never Die Unexploded – Rev Ikechukwu Omai

Dynamites are explosives. But, how do we have dynamites who never exploded until they died? How do we have men who were so loaded, yet they died like fools.

The land of Israel was under famine before Elisha prophesied, this famine was the same famine which made two women to kill and eat one woman’s child while the other woman hid her own child.

How will you say you are a child of God and your family is in shame? Or in a place and there is a situation you cannot solve? It simply means that you are an explosive which is yet to explode.

Characteristics of Kingdom Dynamites

1.     Kingdom Dynamites are risk takers: Risk taking is the determination of a dying heart.

Risk takers are God’s weapons.

Risk takers are gate takers – “Your sons will possess the gates of your enemies” This is only for risk takers.

Risk takers are also die hard men.

What you are looking for, your manifestation has been stolen and it is in the enemies’ camp. Except you take the risk and move into the enemies’ camp, you will not manifest.

“When you decide to risk your life, heaven will magnify your life.”

Kingdom dynamites are God’s machineries. And risk takers will always receive angelic backing.

As a dynamite, when you begin to take risk, you begin to stand before great men.

“If you can take risk, no matter what happened to you or the damages done, God will cause you to manifest”


2.     Kingdom Dynamites are camp breakers – 2 Samuel 23:13 – 17

Here we see the account of three of David’s mighty men who broke through the camp of their enemies just to draw water for the king from the well in Bethlehem. Breaking through any military camp to and fro safely means vigorously fighting your way through. And this men who were not just mere men but Kingdom Dynamites fought their way through and returned with water for King David from the well in Bethlehem.

For them, it was better to die than for the king to taste and not have to drink.

“If we must manifest what God has embedded in us, we must be able to break through camps”


Strengths of a Dynamite

Knowledge of God – Daniel 11:32

-         The word gives us inner strength

-         The word is the key to stability

-         The word brings deliverance

The Life of Prayer

“The secret of praying is praying in secret”

-         Prayer gives courage

-         Prayer prepares one for the future

-         It keeps you from sin

“Prayer is the key to refueling, refilling and re-firing of your spiritual life”

The Life of Faith – Hebrews 11:6

“Faith is the obedience to divine instruction, to provoke supernatural miracle.”

-         Faith moves God into action; when God see’s our faith, He acts. God will never act where there is no faith.

-         Faith is the key to moving mountains and guarantees victory over the devil.


Faith comes when by;

-         Eating the word

-         Speaking the word.

-         Acting upon the word


The Life Of Giving And Tithing

-         Giving is a proof of our obedience and faith to God’s word. It is also a proof of a man’s victory over money.


“Kingdom Dynamites are giant killers, they are not trained in the best military school, but they are trained by God”

“Giant killers are men with great God in them”

“Giant killers don’t listen to doubting critics”

“Giant Killers don’t look at the size of the giant, but the God behind them.”

“They are men with testimonies not stories”

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