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How Unical VC Is Frustrating Students With Incessant Levies And Increment Of Fees

On the 1st of December 2020, history was made when Prof. Florence Obi was sworn-in as the 11th substantive Vice Chancellor of the University of Calabar being the first female VC of the 45-year-old citadel of learning.

Students and well wishers had celebrated the emergence of a female Vice Chancellor with the hope that she would treat students as a mother would treat her child.

Unfortunately, reverse is the case as some students have expressed dissatisfaction with the incessant payment of unnecessary levies ever since her emergence as VC. 

The students, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told Newsmen that before now, they thought they were over taxed in school not until Prof. Obi came with her own excessive taxation, leaving the students frustrated and discouraged.

They, therefore, described the VC’s decision as inhumane and inconsiderate.

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The students explained that the fee for Entrepreneurship was N3,600 (Three thousand six hundred naira), but has increased to N11,000 (Eleven thousand naira).

According to them, Prof. Obi's policy is that there would be no more room for summer, even if a student fails one course, he/she will have to do extra year and pay the complete tuition fee.

They alleged that the new Vice-Chancellor of the institution had personal scores to settle with the former Vice-Chancellor and that the animosity was taking a toll on students’ lives.

One of the respondents said, “We are not happy with the rate at which levies are increasing in the school. We are struggling to feed, yet the VC wakes up every morning with new levy. I even heard that hostel fee and tuition fee would increase by next academic session".

"This is totally unfair, it was not like this before, we are even told that clearance fee is as if you are paying tuition fee for a private university".

The students are however appealing to higher authorities to come to their aide, as they can no longer bear the frustration.

Recall that the VC had ordered that the Unical Certificates be issued in customized jackets and students are however expected to pay the sum of N6,000 to get it as shown in the image below.

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