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Federal Government Can Stop Banditry In Nigeria If These 4 Things Are Done [OPINION]


Banditry is a threat to the peaceful existence of any community. Harbouring or accommodating them harms the residence of such communities socially and health-wise.

So many negative impacts on societies are caused by bandits, terrorism and it’s like.

Over the years, Nigeria has experienced several attacks by bandits especially in the northern region and some eastern parts of the country and has recorded so many casualties.

Beyond the loss of life and properties, the influence of banditry in Nigeria is enormous and detrimental to the future of not just the affected areas, but the entire country.

The influence of banditry and terrorism includes’   

  1. Poverty and economic backwardness: No matter the natural resources available in a given area, if the area is constantly faced with bandits attack, poverty and economic backwardness gradually set in. This happens because the manpower needed to harness these resources and yield revenue for the community is limited by death and by the fear of bandits. In most cases, factories and items of economic value are destroyed during the attacks which leave the community and her residence in poverty and economic backwardness.
  2. Poor Education: Bandits attack also affects the educational system of a community. In states like Borno, Benue and Kaduna where the insurgency is high, schools are shut down to avoid the risk of kidnap. This hampers the education of people in the region.
  3. Sicknesses and other Health related challenges: Hospital and community health centres will rarely function in regions invaded by bandits because everyone seeks to protect his life. In most cases where the health practitioners are ready to risk their lives, they do not have access to drugs and proper health care materials. This leads to loss of life and an increased pandemic.
  4. Lack of food: farmers are forced to go into hiding and this leads to hunger and the high cost of the available food.


Proffering solution to the problem of banditry and insurgency in Nigeria, many opinions sampled includes the following;


  1. The federal government should investigate and prosecute every politician funding the activities of bandits in Nigeria. According to some Nigerians, banditry in some parts of the country is politically masterminded and if those politicians are arrested and prosecuted, banditry will die a natural death.
  2. The Chief of Army Staff must not be a northerner. Others believe that the chief of Army staff should be from any other part of the country but, not from the North. It is believed that their decisions to combat bandits in the country are greatly influenced by their nativity. Nigerians also believe that a chief of staff who is not a northerner will face the bandits squarely and wipe them out.
  3. Redeploy all Army staff to their state; some Nigerians speaking observed that it is disheartening that Nigeria keeps losing gallant soldiers to the cold hands of death due to insurgency and banditry attacks. Based on this, every soldier after recruitment should be deployed to his state. It is easier for them to understand the language and fight to secure their community and family than a stranger.
  4. Stop recuperating repentant bandits into society. Most bandits pretend to be repentant but only work undercover for their gang to have major hits in the community and should no more be accepted but, should be executed.


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