Impact Of Political Thuggery And Greed On The Future Of Nigerian Political System [Opinion]


By Oluchi Omai

Politics is associated with making decisions in a group or other forms of power relations between individuals, such as distributing resources or status. But, contrary to what politics stands for, some people believe it is a game of interest; no permanent friends, no permanent enemies, only permanent interest.

This singular view which seems to be misunderstood and misused by many vying for political power has increased greed and led to political thuggery.

Political power and leadership position is for the candidates who are the best fit for the roles and chosen by the people.

Today, the decision of who leads and who does not has become a do or die affair. The use of thugs and killing of opponents has made goodhearted citizens to shy away from their civil responsibilities for fear of losing their lives.

The use of force, threat to life and elimination of possible opponents by many who desire to assume political power, by all means, has polluted the political system and is detrimental to the future of politics in the nation.

The impact of political thuggery on the Nigerian political system are listed below.

1. The future leaders are already practising what they see. It is pathetic to know that leadership at all levels in our dear country has been influenced by the corroded system of politics in the country. University students kill each other as they vie for political positions on the campus.

Youth leaders in several communities also engage in physical combat as they struggle for elective positions.

2. Looting and embezzling of funds: Political leaders today uses the opportunity to lead to impoverish the nation and enrich themselves. the younger ones who are the future leaders have also toed the line. they also steal and mismanage funds under their care when they assume office. This occurs because it is what is obtainable in the political system today.

This is evident by the impeachment of the president of the Students’ Union Government (SUG), University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN), Nnamani Ifeanyi by the Senate of the Students’ Union Government (SUG) of the school.

Nnamani, a student of the Faculty of Law, was removed on Tuesday for alleged financial impropriety amounting to the tune of N3,238, 500.00

He was impeached just as the union’s tenure was coming to an end.

A vote of no confidence was passed on Nnamani by the members of the upper legislative chambers of the SUG parliament.

3. Talented youths are also limited by the political system because so many become tools in the hands of power-thirsty politicians who use them as thugs to fight their opponents. What is the future of our youths? Those who should encourage them to grow their talents only use them as political thugs in exchange for peanuts.

4. Banditry and terrorism is given birth to by the act of political thuggery. Some bandit groups are thugs that were used by politicians to disrupt election processes and attain a leadership position. When their demands are no more met, they resort to banditry.

Political thuggery is a deadly disease that has eaten deep into the fabric of the Nigerian political system.

Can this political system be fixed?

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