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No Woman Will Disrespect You If You Avoid These Four Things

By Oluchi Omai

Respect is one greatly desired by everyone. In Africa, respect is the right of the man. And women are to respect men irrespective of their level of achievement. 

A man is the head of the family, and also man is the breadwinner of the home. All these points to the need to accord man respect.

But, contrary to this belief and expectations, most men have received little or no respect from their wives and other female folks around them. Most men have been ridiculed and lost respect from women due to some acts they engage themselves.

Some acts which will make any man lose his respect before a woman includes;


1. Idleness: Most men have lost their worth before women because they are idle and cannot raise money for the family. Women, irrespective of their financial strength, desire the men in their life to provide for them. And when that is not obtainable, the tendencies for disregard for that man begin to set in. Some men depend on the woman to care for their basic needs and that of the children rather than providing for the family. The woman only assists the man voluntarily because it has become her sole duty. This has led to the separation of many couples. And most who do not want to separate only endure the relationship and have little or no respect for the man. Do you want to earn your respect as a man? Get busy with something and fend for the family.


2. Talkative: talkativeness is an attitude that is peculiar to women, but it becomes disgusting and downgrading when it becomes the habit of any man. Men are to show levels of maturity that should be a model for their women counterparts to follow. Most men have also shared vital information that should have remained a secret to them and their spouses publicly to their detriment. Every woman loves a man who protects her interest publicly and tends to disregard that man who bares to the public everything she told him in confidence. Do you want respect from the woman? You must not be talkative.


3. Carelessness: Most men believe that all the woman wants is money, money and money. So, they provide the money and expect magic to happen. The house chores such as cooking, washing, etc. are left for the woman alone to handle including care for the children. Women with such men around them gradually get used to doing things without the man, and before you know it, the man’s presence no longer means anything to them because his impact is no more. Women love care and love their men doing certain things for them, even when they can do it themselves. Sitting with them in the kitchen, slicing the onion or assisting them in any other ways build more confidence, trust and respect for the man more than just provision of money will do. People naturally tend to respect who cares for them. Women are not exempted and should be cared for always.  


4. Cheating: Every woman is jealous, though some might not show it. Cheating on a woman is an indication that you are not satisfied with her. Most men go to the extent of lusting after other women in the presence of their spouses. That can make a man lose his respect. No matter how loose a woman is, she always respects men who have control over their “below the belt chambers.”

To gain the respect of any woman and stay respected, avoid these four things listed.

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