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The God of Bethel Is A Universal God - Evang. Orok Nkebem

In Genesis 25 verse 30, Jacob and Esau entered had a business transaction. For a contract to be valid, some vital elements must be present. Jacob prepared a delicious meal and Esau who was very hungry and stressed from the field, paid the price which was his birthright just to have a portion of the food. Esau sold his birthright to Jacob over a plate of food and took an oath to seal it.

Isaac, understanding the power of a higher court Esau to prepare food for him to eat so that he can bless him. But Esau went yours truly. 

Text: Judges 2:10, Romans 1:19-21, 28 Gen. 25:30

You don’t have all the time. When there is a blessing for you to possess, many people are itching to take it. Rebecca masqueraded Jacob and he got Esau’s blessing.  

When Esau discovered it, he said Jacob must die. So, Jacob left the house on the instruction of his mother to Labans’ house. The Journey to Laban’s house gave birth to bethel. Unknown to him at night he rested on the place where his grandfather raised an altar, and he picked a stone to rest his head and he connected to the God of his father. He had a vision, an encounter with the God of His father, he saw angels ascending and descending and connected to his destiny.

God made promises to him. The place was called Luz before but was called Bethel because he met with God there. He promised to return to bethel to appreciate God. 

"Bethel is a place of irrevocable commitment. It is also interpreted to mean the house of God."

In Gen 35:1-3, after God blessed Jacob, God reminded him of the promise he made at bethel. "The altar is a storage device, and whatever you store is captured and preserved." 

"The altar is a defence and decides who succeeds and who fails, who lives and who dies. When you are connected to an altar even when you sleep the altar does not sleep."

If you are a child of God you are a moving altar and have the power to dominate and subdue principalities and power. God is a universal God, he is an infinity! He is not tribalistic and created man with the capacity to represent him. 

Man has the capacity to represent God through decisions. Every man at one point in his life encounters God.

Adam was not a Jew, Noah was not a Jew. Melchizedek was not a Jew.  The Jews are descendants of Abraham and retained God passing his knowledge to different generations. Others did not retain God or pass him on to other generations.

Jethro, the father-in-law of Moses was a priest. but what did his family do with the knowledge of God when he was no more?

The midwives in Egypt feared God, but were never mentioned again, they never retained God.

The Prophet Balam also knew God but what happen after him? There was no continuity of that knowledge he had.

Namaan, after he had the encounter with God in Israel and was healed, promised to worship God but was never heard again.

The Knowledge of God is meant to be shared with the new generation. 

A generation came that never knew God. May it never be said that a generation came after us that will never know the God we served. The Jews preserved their godly heritage and passed it to many generations. 

May God give us the grace to transcend it to the generation yet to come that no matter what they will never forget the God we serve. “Remember that everything you do will not end with you but will be recorded by posterity.” 

Esau lost a generational blessing because he had no value to his heritage and could not endure what he felt at the moment (hunger)

Has God not tried for you? Many have passed away but God has preserved you. Jacob made an irrevocable promise to serve God and when God blessed him, he never failed to keep his promise.

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