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2023: Nigerians Need A Nationalist, Not An Ethnic Or Religious Successor For Buhari [OPINION]

By Admin

As the 2023 National election approaches, different political parties whose interest is to become Nigeria's ruling party are preparing and strategising how to defeat their opponents.

But, beyond political strategies and tussle over the seat of the presidency, is the need for good governance. 

The problem faced by Nigeria in the past years and currently is traceable to the fact that past and current Nigerian presidents were more religious-minded than national minded. 

Being religion-minded as evident in most Nigerian political leaders is a major setback to the country.

In line with the advice to Nigerians from Abdulmajeed Dahiru, a member of the Civil society groups under the aegis of Coalition of Civil Society for Good Governance, during a round table with the theme: "Correcting mistakes of leadership gap and expectations of the next President” in Abuja on Thursday. He advised Nigerians to ensure that a nationalist succeeds President Muhammadu Buhari.                                                                                                       

"What Nigeria requires at this point in its history is a leader who is nationalistic and can rise above ethnic or religious bigotry."

The future of Nigeria is great. And must not be handed over to any ethnicity or religious-minded fellow but a nationalist. one who is concerned with the challenges of Nigerians and passionate about solving them.

What Nigerians require in 2023 is a leader who is ready to rise above primordial sentiments of ethnicity and religion in his conduct. A person whose passion is to unite Nigerians towards reaching our promised goals.

For Nigeria to progress, we must transform from a mere country of micro-ethnic nationalities into a united nation. And also endorse only candidates that have displayed sufficient nationalistic credentials that is enough to yield tangible progress. 

Lack of economics and political intelligence in the country is caused by lapses in leadership. And can only be corrected by a successor who has Nigeria in mind and not just his ethnic or religious group.

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