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Ex Militants Protest In Calabar, Accuse CRS Government Of Poor Handling Of Their Affairs


Ex militants in Cross River State took to the streets of Calabar today Monday to protest the poor handling of the process of integration.

The former agitators who took their protest to the governor’s office in Calabar also accused governor Ayade’s aide, Austin Ibok of failure in handling the process.

According to the Parchment, one of the militants said that they were only representing a faction in the struggle.

“We represent one of the factions in this particular struggle, we went for training through the Ecowas amnesty program, we came back from training, we were promised a lot of things but till now we have not gotten any of those things and the government keep promising yet nothing has happened." 

He further added that every time they went for the items promised, they were always given stipends "and told us to go and return but we don’t want that kind of thing again" he added. 

"Those from other states have been properly integrated. We want the same integration as what is happening in the North”

They accused the state government of neglecting them five months after their return to the state.

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