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She Walked Into My bathroom And I Couldn’t Contain Her Aura - A Must Read

By Oluchi Omai

I waited for her, I waited all night to no avail. Then crept in anger, such that made me only pace my room banging my table at intervals. I was getting out of control because I needed her so badly. Not tonight! I cried. At least she should have graced my passion with her presence and honour my long waiting with a kiss.

Then my anger suddenly turned into emotional tears. My love never showed up when I desperately needed the warmth of her embrace. So, I slide through her pictures on my phone only wishing my imaginations would become a reality. But, my wish only met futility.

Soon, my emotions and desires could no longer restrict the persistent call of nature propelled by unrestrained thoughts of why she never showed up. So, I couldn’t help but fall asleep.

Beams of light from my partially opened window blind brightened up my room chasing sleep far away from me. It was a new day so, I hurriedly jumped out of bed, made for my bathroom, turned on the shower. To my greatest amazement, she walked into my bathroom, I couldn’t contain her aura. Where were you the whole night? I asked. She only smiled at me, showed me her glory and overwhelmed me with deep insights.

I quickly ran out of my bathroom when I remembered that a short pen is better than a long memory. I could not contend with the deep mysteries she revealed. I have never been so swift at writing. Everything around me was suddenly smeared with her aura. 

She came in the morning. The inspiration I desired the whole night came right into my bathroom and swept me off my feet. Her aftermaths are massive.

Then I realized that sometimes we need to be patient with her if we must always have the best of her. Every writer needs INSPIRATION and every writer must be rightly INSPIRED. If you can find her, there is no limitation to what you can become.

All I waited for was INSPIRATION and she walked-in in the morning.

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