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Three Things That Trigger The Oil - Rev Festus Matthew

When God is about to do something, He gives instructions to be obeyed. Samuel was sent by God to anoint a new king in Israel after God had rejected Saul. The problem most times is that we have persons who are not completely in Christ.

As a child of God, you are not expected to hate anybody, hating someone magnets God’s attention to the person being hated and gives the person a ladder to climb up.

David was hated and reduced to the place of a shepherd boy by his family. Consequently, God's attention was on him and he was chosen as one of the Patriarchs of Our Lord Jesus.

God hates division and so does not work in a place where there is division and fragmentation, that is why a lot of miracles do not happen. However, there is an understanding that brings about certain desired results.

Three things that trigger the oil: 

1. Mercy: This is a profound way God uses to help His children. Psalm 106:1 admonishes us to give thanks to the Lord for His mercy endures forever. Most of the things we obtain are as a result of mercy. 

Justice means "I am treated the way I deserve", mercy means "I am spared from what I deserve" and grace means "I am given what I don’t deserve." 

It was Gods Mercy that located David in the bush.

 2. The fear of God: God gives us oxygen free of charge and expects us to serve Him, but we misuse God's gift of life in things that don't glorify him, we belong to groups in the church but we don’t take it seriously. When we don’t take the things of God seriously, then we don’t fear God.

Most of the ladies claim they are children of God but still chase after married men, all because they don’t fear God. According to Psalm 111 verse 1, the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. So, when we fear God we have wisdom. There are certain seemingly little things that we do that doesn’t give glory to God which is indicative of the fact that we don’t fear God.

"Salvation is superior to Education, but you must go to school". "God is not Educated, God himself is Education." Of all things to be yearned for, salvation should be paramount for salvation is like a full package, it comes with several other gifts. "The fear of God magnetizes favour more than we can imagine."

3. Sacrifice: Anytime God wants to solve your problem, he gives you a problem to solve. When God people teamed up to fight against the king of Moab, the king of Moab slaughtered his first son as a sacrifice. And when God saw the sacrifice of the king of Moab, he turned his back on his children, and fought for the people of Moab, because of the sacrifice he rendered. 

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