Adeoye Fawaz an 18 years old bus conductor emerges overall champion in chess and mental mathematics competition

Adeoye Fawaz receiving the trophy at the grand finally of the competition 

Adeoye Fawaz an 18 years old boy who works as a bus conductor and lived under the bridge in Oshodi for several years has emerged as the overall champion in chess and mental mathematics competition organized by Chess in Slums Africa.

Slums Africa is a non-profit organization that uses the chess game to promote education and raise champions from low-income communities.

"51 homeless children" living under the bridge in Oshodi, a popular Lagos neighbourhood recently received chess lessons from the organisation.

The kids during the training were taught the fundamentals of chess and mental math, as well as gave puzzles to complete.

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Fawaz emerged as the overall winner in both chess and mental maths, according to Tunde Onakayo, the organization's creator, in a Twitter thread.

Onakayo also described how he and his crew spotted Fawaz under the bridge about a month ago and recruited him for the training.

Fawaz, the bus conductor revealed that his goal of being a singer and comic is still alive and cannot die.

"Our overall champion in both chess and mental maths was Adeoye Fawaz, an 18-year-old bus conductor who has spent years of his life under the Oshodi bridge. He wrote, "A star is born."

Adeoye Fawaz in the slums - Under Oshodi bridge

"The mental mathematical competition's final phase was fast and furious, but Fawaz aced the questions." Imagine if these boys were given a proper education! What if you taught them how to code? Consider how many we've lost to the streets because no one was paying attention."

Onakayo revealed that Orphans and those who ran away from their homes to seek brighter pastures in Lagos are among the participants, who range in age from 11 to 20.

"51 homeless children from one of Nigeria's most hazardous ghettos came to our chess training every day because they recognized an opportunity to learn — a new start on life," he said.

"Some are orphans, while others fled their villages in search of greener pastures in Lagos," he added.

Onakayo urged Nigerians to help youngsters realize their full potential and receive a decent education.

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