6 Foundational Steps To Screenwriting

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There are numerous steps to writing a script. But, here’s a short (non-exhaustive) list of some of the necessary steps to writing a script.

6 Foundational Steps To Screenwriting

1.  The first and vital step is to stay committed to screenwriting. If you do not take screenwriting seriously, you’re not going to get very far. It is necessary to prepare to put in your best in the work. This post lays out how to become a screenwriter by committing to the craft.

2.   Reading great screenplays Improves Script Writing. Writing a great screenplay means reading great screenplays. Download and read as many as possible. See a list of 50 suggested best screenplays to read. It is a great starting point.

3.  Read the best screenwriting books out there in order to acquaint yourself with as many film scriptwriting theories as possible.

4.  Make a list of twenty movies you wish you’d written and rewatch them. Make notes on why you love certain scenes, pieces of dialogue, characters, etc. as you go. Immerse yourself in the classics of cinema by watching movies on some “best movies of all time” lists.

5.  Writing a script outline of a movie as you watch it and then breaking it down, is an essential part of learning how to write a movie script. If you want to learn how to do it, grab a copy of our free Structure Hack pdf

6.  If you haven’t already, purchase some professional screenwriting software and master the basics of how to format a script.

The above is kind of a How to Write a Script, that will set you on the right road. Even if you’re a complete beginner.

Get ready for an overview of what it exactly means to “push your imagination” when it comes to learning how to write a movie script.


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