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After The Prayers - Rev. Joseph Ajor (PhD)

Photo of a praying man

God expects us to ask of him when we are in need. as a father is liberal and gives without finding faults. Beyond asking, scriptures encourage us to ask without a doubt. 

Text: James 1:5 - 8

It is vital for every believer to look beyond what they are seeing, beyond their challenges and see God.  

As much as prayers and fasting are needful, it is wrong for any believer to sit at home, fold his or her arms and do nothing believing that prayers will bring wealth. 


Working is an aspect of prayer. God expects us to trust him while abhorring every form of laziness. Just as we trust the chairs we sit on without checking if they will carry us, we should trust in God without any form of doubt.  

It is expedient for us to be diligent in our work and also depend on God. We are in a generation where most young people have become so lazy and over-dependent on their parents for everything. Parents train their children, feed them, pay bride prices and even fund their marriage. Some parents go to the extent of catering for their grandchildren. 

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young people must learn to be illustrious and hardworking. Children need to appreciate their parents and do house chores. By doing so, they become better.

It is a pity that those who beg do not appreciate those who give them. 

accessing divine blessing is not tied to fasting and prayers alone. The next step is "what do you do? How do you liberate yourself from poverty?" How can a person who earns 5000 Naira, spend 4000 on body spray and uses 1k for a recharge card expect to get out of poverty? with such a lifestyle, saving becomes a problem.

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As we expect answers from God, we have to position ourselves for his blessing by working and not being lazy.

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