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2023: PDP Elders Decry The Deplorable Condition Of C'River State, Says Amb. Nkoyo Toyo's Depth Of Knowledge Can Revamp The State

Amb. Nkoyo Toyo

The elders of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP in Cross River State have decried the deplorable condition of the state.

Speaking in a meeting yesterday with the only female governorship aspirant, Amb. Nkoyo Toyo, the chairman of the PDP Elders Forum, Mrs. Martina Odong revealed that they are a lot of challenges in the Cross River State of today, ranging from security challenges to the deplorable condition of the state’s tourism facilities. 

“They are lots of challenges in Cross River State today and we are concerned as elders, we have seen the past what cross river state used to be and we have also seen what it is today. We are worried about the security challenges in our state, Cross River state was recorded as one of the most peaceful states in Nigeria and also as one of the most beautiful states if not the most beautiful state. But now they are so many worries because of the uncertainties” she said.

She also expressed dissatisfaction with the condition of education facilities in most communities, “It is education that helps a nation to grow. The situation of primary education, the foundation is deplorable, so many schools have just the headteacher and one or two teachers helping to teach. How these children can come out, succeed in the exams and compete with others you and I can tell. Our schools are in shamble, nothing to write home about.” She added.  

She further expressed her dissatisfaction over the collapse of the one-time tourism centre of the country which attracted investors from all works of life.


“We also know the accumulated debts that the state has incurred over the years. It all creates daunting fears in our hearts” she said. Adding that they are proud of Amb. Nkoyo Toyo is the only woman in the race, and admire her courage and wealth of knowledge. 

Reacting to the issues enumerated, Amb. Nkoyo Toyo stated that “Security challenges are driven by poverty and lack of opportunities because security challenges will be curtailed when youths are gainfully employed.”

She assured the elders that security challenges will be a thing of the past and promised to invest her wealth of knowledge in revamping Cross River State. Adding that “Even computers cannot give us what humans can offer. So, we must use the quality of human resources available.”

Martina further expressed her satisfaction with the depth of Toyo’s knowledge stating that she is the only female candidate and based on her wealth of knowledge about the state, stands a chance to emerge governor of Cross River State.

Also, the Chairman of the Technical Committee, Hon. Bassey Ekefre revealed that the state is currently in a bad condition and needs revamping. Stating that the PDP elders will support a credible candidate who will reconstruct and revamp Cross River State.

“It is a good thing the elders are doing, we need to meet with the aspirants because the state is in a bad situation right now, so we need to know what they can do to revamp the state and reconstruct and rehabilitate the state.

He further stated that the technical committee will put manifestos of all aspirants together and remind them of their plans in case they begin to deviate when they win.

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