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Is Usani Usani No Longer A Murderer?

Usani Usani

By Christopher Ndoma

As the 2019 general elections were rising to a crescendo, two governorship aspirants dominated the political space within the All Progressives Congress. 

They were, Sen. John Owan Enoh and Dr Usani Uguru Usani. This was at a time when the average Cross Riverian believed that it was only fair to allow Governor Ayade to complete his second term to be fair to the Northern Senatorial zone.

The two gladiators at the time were at the height of their political fortunes. Popularity mingled with surplus wealth, planted in them false self-belief far more than their capacities. The State watched as they tried to outsmart one another, court cases and counter court cases flew around the political space and they ended like two tired horses unable to complete the race. 

To date, no Cross Riverian can say with full authority who the APC gubernatorial candidate was in the election. 

One of the accusations bandied by the John Owan Enoh camp was the position of Usani Uguru Usani being a murderer. 

As Usani Usani tried relentlessly to wash clean of the negative image that Owan Enoh painted him, the more the attacks continued

As the political bells of 2023 begin to ring, we are noticing strange relationships. Sen. John Owan Enoh and Dr. Usani Usani, two strange bedfellows are striking and understanding. Drafted into the plot is Chris Agara, who unaware of the true characters of these personalities is thinking that they are fighting a common cause for the common good of Central Cross River. 

 In the Abuja meeting, they did not dare to present their true intent, stopping at the point that they want to unite Central Cross River for a common cause. The meeting was therefore moved to Ikom. 

As they meet in Ikom this Saturday, we can only ask a few begging questions. 

1. Is Dr Usani Usani no longer a murderer as Sen Owan Enoh made us believe in 2019? 

2. Who among the three will they be projecting for the governorship ticket which is the ultimate reason for the meetings.  

3. For Usani Usani and Owan Enoh, what do they have to show for the positions they held in the past? 

For Chris Agara, what qualifies him to think the way he does, to a point of dreaming of being a governor beside his friendship with a sitting governor?

In any case, the characters of Sen Owan Enoh and Usani Usani have become so toxic to Cross Riverians that they have become deaf to their dirge. As we follow the meetings, one thing is clear, Usani Usani and Owan Enoh are going to revive their old court cases and begin from where they stopped and Cross River State APC in general and Central Cross River APC, in particular, will be worse for it.

As palm oil and water can never mix, so can Usani Usani and Owan. Enoh never agree. Both are cunning, selfish and have small minds. 

Both try to compensate for what nature denied them almost equally, a commanding presence. 

Both believe they will have their tickets from Abuja, yet there is only one ticket available. Both have almost totally lost their core followers whom they use and dump at will. Both rely on positions to exert themselves, and both rely on wealth as an instrument of power. 

As for Chris Agara, he will soon be abandoned as these two are too sneaky for him. They see him as a new entrant with no claim to what they believe is their inheritance.

Christopher Ndoma is a political analyst and writes from Ikom LGA, Cross River State.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that this piece does not reflects the stands of BHG-InfoDesk

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