A Woman; More Than Your Definition

By Miracle Ifeanyi

Having just boobs and hips doesn't make you a woman 

A woman is the one that can feed a man with encouragement and positive ideas.

She is not the one that can help a man spend all his money. But, helps a man save and invest before spending.

A woman is the one that does not run her mouth with sarcasm and insult just to prove a point, her words are gracious. She is the one whose words can heal broken hearts. 

A woman is the one that knows when to talk and when to shut up.

She is also the one whose mouth doesn't leak secrets. A real woman invests always in herself and her future. 

A woman is the one that is contented with what she has at the moment and not the one who sells her body just for Brazilian hair and Gucci Wears.

She is a manager, a caretaker, a womb that can Nurture and birth destiny.

Also, she does not do everything trending, but she is reserved and has the taste of a Queen. 

A woman is the one that doesn't look down on any man because of his present state of life and finance. But, can encourage any man to get better.

A woman is the one a man will go on a date with and not just spend his money but get wisdom from her.

A woman is the one who multiplies not just babies but can multiply ideas, and inspiration everywhere.

She understands her uniqueness and fragility and never competes with a Man.

A woman is the one a man can cry on her shoulders and not feel humiliated for doing so or lose his value.

She is the one that shouldn't feel entitled to a man's money just because he showed interest in her. 

A woman is not the one that deceives a man just to eat his money, but the one who is honest and sincere in any and every relationship.

She knows what she wants in a man and life, and goes for it.

A woman is not the one that makes men feel terrible, but the one a man can run to for comfort. 

She spoils a man with honour and respect because there lies her strength.

A woman is the one that has a mind of her own, to make the right decisions for herself and her future.

She is an influence, a nation and a helper. 

Many are females but only a few can be called a WOMAN and only a WOMAN is Called BEAUTIFUL 

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