Betrayal And The Man At 65, Osinbajo's Dilema


VP Osinbajo

It's very interesting to hear betrayal by a man who is 65 years with a rich political portfolio and has gotten probably to the peak of his political career as an Acting President.  

What more will such a man aspire for other than to be the president of his country. I see him as a cerebral individual who would have weighed all his options and decided to attempt this final opportunity.  

What you can't take from him is his individuality and this was made manifest when he acted as president during the long medical absence of his boss President Muhammadu Buhari on 7th August 2018. 

He used the office during that short-lived period to effect some charges with the sack of Lawal Daura the then very Cool Director-General of the department of state services (DSS) amongst other radical changes. 

As per his declaration yesterday which has been met with so many attacks, insults and trolling by supporters of his de facto boss and leader Asiwaju Bola Tinubu for attempting to declare his intention.  

The question to ask some of these supporters; 

1. What other office should he aspire to at 65? 

2. Can he be a governor or Senator again? Just asking 

3. Should he retire to his Ikenne village home or the church. Oh some said the classroom 

4. So because he has a benefactor, he doesn't have a say in his life? 

5. Some have said after his defeat, he will return to beg his benefactor for help and forgiveness at Bourdillon. How is that possible? Forgiveness for what?

In my opinion, I haven't sat with him to know his thought process on this issue but I can say as a cerebral and intelligent man. He has thought it through to come to this conclusion.


1. If I get the ticket and go on to win the election. I will do those things I couldn't do or would want to do as VP.

2. If I do not get it. What do I stand to lose? Nothing. You win some and gain some.

3. As an academician, the classroom is still available and definitely, he will be invited globally for speaking and diplomatic functions considering his rich academic portfolio.  

So, if I were in his shoes, just ignore the naysayers and do what you think is right. Besides you, it's his call to make. 

Fidelis Duker 



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