Charity Begins At home’ A Myth Or A Reality?

Charity is the act of giving help to those in need. It is a humanitarian act. It involves giving money goods or time. It is done without expecting anything in return. Poor, sick or injured people are generally considered the proper people whom charity should be given to. When these vulnerable persons are not often assisted, they run into begging persons they do not know. The emergence of ‘charity organizations’ was for this purpose. Collecting money and goods and then giving back in return to those who do not have them. 

The most common of all charitable acts is donating money. It’s a huge responsibility to some religious Bodies and This charitable act is known as ‘almsgiving’. While growing up, we often hear this regular statement which we felt should have always been a driving force to some People as they grow in age and knowledge. That statement goes thus:

‘Charity begins at home’  could this be seen as a myth or a reality?

In a world where so many things have been misconstrued, abused and bastardized, no one is desirous of promoting charitable acts. People have become lovers of themselves and everything they have and own revolves around themselves, their children and their extended family. The hearts of men have become gruesomely wicked. Charity is no more existent in their dictionary. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. It’s unthinkable to see where the poor are even being exploited even in their poor states.

Charitable acts that do not presuppose that you must give in millions. To that young man who lives close to you and has nothing to put on, giving out one trouser or shirt is enough to smile at him. To that neighbour who has no food to eat, a cup of rice is enough to brighten his day. To that member who constantly puts on a particular shoe, gifting him one pair of shoes out of your abundance will go a long way to encourage him.

While we continually profess our love for God, we shouldn’t obviate doing the little we can in making others smile. The world is wicked and many times we get beclouded with the wrong mentality. Don’t give because you have a mindset of getting back. Don’t give because you have in abundance. Your giving should be out of a cheerful and generous heart with the understanding that no man can reward you except God.

Challenge for this month;

Find two (2) people and gift something to them.

Written for and on behalf of the editorial team, Youth Ministries
Assemblies of God, 91 Nelson Mandela Road Calabar.

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