Commissioner for Finance in Utter disregard to Solidarity, In a show of extreme desperation, Embarks on Governorship Campaign

Asuquo Ekpenyong Jnr. and APC logo

By Bassey Okpokam

At a time when the State Governor, Sen Ben Ayade and indeed other stakeholders are patiently waiting for the court ruling as regards the defections; at a time when stakeholders have stood down campaign activities in respect and in solidarity with the leader of the Party; extreme desperation has shown himself in the person of Asuquo Ekpenyong Jnr.

In a situation such as what we have in the State where an unfavorable judgment was recently issued against the House of Assembly members with a pending ruling on the governor in a couple of days, Common sense requires appointees and members of the Party to suspend all campaign activities in solidarity with governor and leader of the Party.

As expected, a stakeholder with aspirations suspended all campaign activities but Crossriverians, as well as Party stakeholders, were rudely awakened by the insensitivity and appalling desperation of a serving Commissioner, who should know better.

We are all aware of how he staged a failed Youth Summit where he aimed at making a bold political statement in his bid to run for the office of governor. The woeful failure of that attempt gave rise to this second edition which he calls “a tour of the LGAs”.

The truth is that no matter how he tries to disguise the name of his campaign organization, with names like “Lobby Group”, it is clear as crystal even to a child.

The ruling on the governor has been scheduled for the 6th of April, all aspirants, party stakeholders as well as appointees of government are all planning to be present in Abuja in solidarity with the leader of the Party but a desperate Asuquo Ekpenyong in total disregard to his Boss is scheduled to be in Bekwarra/Yala in pursuance of his campaign for the seat of the governor. How insensitive can anyone be.?

His paid minions are very busy ensuring the Press Release announcing the tour is made viral. When you consider that someone as important as the Commissioner of Finance whom the governor holds very dear and who is usually on all oversea trips with the governor can display this level of insensitivity, you begin to understand how desperate the young man is.

It can be recalled that, in his pursuit of popularity, he opted for the purchase of popularity with a whooping #50,000,000 (Fifty Million Naira), by paying one thousand women across the state the sum of #50,000 each. Again, It was a wasted effort as the attempt yielded no results. Crossriverians are worried about his source of funds.

The new electoral act requires that people interested in running for political offices resign their appointments. Asuquo Ekpenyong cannot hide under the guise of “Lobby Group” or any other name he decides to give his campaign organization to run campaigns for himself. He must do the honourable thing by resigning his appointment just as Dr. Betta Edu did and openly embark on an undisguised campaign if he must be taken seriously.

This foolish desperation must be checked.

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