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“Money” Latest Album By Songliz Hits The Airwaves


Young Artist Miracle, popularly known as Songliz has released his latest hit album “Money”.

You can download this latest hit track “Money” or vibe to it online.


See the Lyrics of the Hit Track “Money” below;




You know what we do




Nwaoke na Nma bu so ego 

Try to hustle and make the ego

Money money

Money you fine o

When you get the money my brother you Dey fine o


Try to the pray as you the hustle o

Tell baba God make him bless your hustle


Is not by muzzle it takes only grace be courageous and also have faith o


Money money money you fine o 2x

Money money money you sweet o 2x

Money money money you dope 2x



Guy is not funny

You get make money

So that all the ladies will call u honey

After loving the go carry you go, show mummy,

Don’t worry here because here no he worry


We the boil o

We the count money

Every day by day we the money we the throw money

Money be the thing way go make your girl fall

You know after God

Money be all

Money is the substance that give man joy

Who no like money?

Me I like money

Shoot downing the city

With enough money

Chilling oversea with enough money

Money give joy

Money is blissing

God bless me

Make I bless money

Finally, everyone will

Because na our thing we Dey do

Chorus continues



Rap 2

I want to tell you all my mysteries

As a history

I’m born of his Grace

I’m a hustler and a hacker

From Calabar to London

As to make a name

Remember all my fathers told me in a day joy


The world 🌎 is full of money 💴

Everyone what’s to have it

You have to make your hustle

I have to make my name

You have to see your avatar

When you are swimming in water

But I’m swimming in cash

I run my things like big boy


Chorus continues






…big name

#arch.bliss Oga boss

..big name





All my niggas out there

You all are big names

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