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Protesters Storm Jonathan’s Abuja Office, Tells Him To ‘Run For President’

Former PResident Goodluck Jonathan

Today Friday, Protesters stormed the personal office of former President Goodluck Jonathan in Abuja with an interest to contest the presidential election come 2023. 

The protesters are men, women, and youths who believe the former President is the man that can bring back the real transformation Nigerian needs. They urge him to join the race want him to join the race. With so much confidence in him to deliver. placards and leaflets with the inscriptions such as “We need you to restore Nigeria” and “GoodLuck Jonathan, you must run,” they said the former President has the template to restore Nigeria’s pride of place in Africa and beyond. 

The group carry out that they were deceived by those who promised to secure the nation, improve its economy, and fight corruption, among others in 2015. But the reverse is now the order of the day. The party that tends to fight corruption has pegged its presidential form for 100m, they believed only corrupt politicians can afford such. 

However, they demand forgiveness from Jonathan whose administration they said was better compared to the present state. Former President Jonathan, in his response, was reported to have affirmed that he has yet to declare his interest to join the race. He was said to have informed the protesters that the process to declare for the 2023 presidency was ongoing and promised to carry them along. 

The solidarity march by the protesters comes a day after another group – The Nigerian Young Professionals in Diaspora (NYPD) threatened to sue the former President if he fail to comply. The group vowed to take the action should Jonathan fail to join the presidential race at the end of the one-week ultimatum issued to him on that note. With the intention to come and save Nigeria.

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