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Seun Kuti - Beating Your Wife And Children Is not African Culture

Seun Kuti

Singer, Suen Kuti once again has some words of wisdom to share with men who hide under being African to be violent against their wives and children, as he opines that it was never an African culture to beat women and children.

Seun noted that no part of the African culture encourages violence against women and children, as saying like ‘spare the rod and spoil the child’ and ‘a woman’s place is in the kitchen’ are European Abrahamic thoughts.

He wrote: “All these people that turn African just to beat their wives and children, there is no part of African culture that encourages violence against women and children. Spare the rod and spoil the child; a woman’s place is in the kitchen are European Abrahamic beliefs. What is the African version?

“Please tell me…because una craze dey do press up! You aren’t African except in location! You don’t practice anything African except the small language you speak!

“You holy land is Jerusalem and Mecca! Your most valuable possessions are your European thoughts and things. But as soon as you want to break your equally European wife and child, you claim African? Come close I want to ask you something, Are you mad?”

Seun is the youngest son of the famous Afrobeat pioneer, Fela Kuti and is known among young Nigerians for his controversial comments on social and political issues.

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